We don't just believe in exercise as a way of feeling your best. We understand that it takes a number of things for a person to be happy and healthy. 

It's our aim that by delivering a range of holistic lifestyle and wellbeing services we can really and truly make a difference to people.

We offer our clients a choice of everything from 1 to 1 PT sessions through to group sessions, physio, coaching and nutritional advice.


Meraki offers a range of private, small group & larger yoga classes In Ashtanga, Vinyasa & Power Yoga.  Modifications & adjustments are offered throughout all classes to ensure that even the most challenging postures are accessible to people of all levels. 



Whatever your fitness or health goal, our PT sessions will help you achieve it. Completely tailored around you, we plan programmes that take into consideration your exercise likes and dislikes.  We set realistic targets and work with you to achieve them.  We also carry out health and fitness checks throughout your training programme to help you monitor your progress. 


Our qualified Hatton Boxing instructors create exhilarating and fast workouts which exercise every muscle group, burn fat and enable all over body toning. These sessions also focus on strength and endurance training.  We run sessions in either group classes or as individual PT time, depending on your preference.  We guarantee the most fun you could have in a workout.


We run a High Intensity Internal Training session every Saturday morning in Guildford.  These sessions are a fun and sociable way to workout and vary your exercise regime.  HIIT is designed to test you to your ultimate limits.  A mix of cardio, strength, endurance and power training.  We vary the exercises every week and make sure you come away feeling exhilarated.  


Meraki has partnered with the extremely knowledgeable and talented physio Steph Wilkins.  Steph specialises in orthopeadic conditions (prehab/rehab), sports related injuries, chronic pain,  pre- natal and post -natal condition's, paediactirc conditions, Spinal conditions.


All of our trainers are pre & post natal trained.  At Meraki we believe that during your pregnancy you should continue to do the sessions that you love.  Our trainers will provide safe & effective modifications throughout all of our sessions to ensure that you can enjoy a safe & effective workout.  


Our nutritionist will help create an easy to follow nutrition action plan to work hand in hand with your Meraki training platform. It’s all about you and therefore works around your lifestyle. We offer a full nutrition package as well as one off consultations, non invasive hormonal assessments, follow ups and nutritional action plans. So if you really want to reach your goals, investing in your nutritional health is important too.


We are passionate about the link between mind and body, and supporting people to think about their emotional wellbeing holistically. Our Chartered Psychologist brings an integrative approach to her work, tailoring therapy to the needs of the individual to enable clients to gain a greater understanding of themselves and make lasting changes.