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Designed by Ricky Hatton, Hatton Boxing is a multi-level boxing for fitness programme that combines correct boxing skills with functional exercise to create a workout like no other.  

Our qualified Hatton Boxing instructors create exhilarating and fast workouts which exercise every muscle group, burn fat and enable all over body toning.  These sessions also focus on strength and endurance training.  Boxing is a great workout for people of all ages and fitness levels. We provide training from complete beginner level through to expert.

Hatton Boxing | Sat | 10:15am | Shalford Park - Hatton boxing will be running throughout the Autumn & Winter months come rain or shine.  It's fast, fun, and a great way to release any stress or tension from your working week.  Each Hatton Boxing session is 10 credits.  Purchase your credits & receive a booking code that will allow you to book your sessions to suit your schedule.

Personal Training - Hatton Boxing can be combined with your personal training sessions, ensuring you get a full body workout.  Each Hatton Boxing Personal Training session is 50 credits. 

Small Group Sessions - Small group sessions can be arranged at a time/location to suit you. If you'd like any additional information about the Hatton Boxing sessions we run, or are interested in corporate or private Hatton Boxing sessions contact us: Amy - 07540 685 809 | Mark - 07894 538 826.  

Or, if you'd like to see if Hatton Boxing is right for you, come along to your first session free of charge.