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Whatever your fitness or health goals, our personal training sessions will help you achieve them.  

Each block of PT sessions will start with a free consultation.  This consultation will be used to help us understand your exercise likes & dislikes, perform simple fitness tests and discuss your exercise goals.  

Our trainers then design bespoke programmes which will vary every week and increase in intensity as we work with you.  We make sure we set you realistic targets and carry out ongoing assessments so you can really see the results.  In addition, we offer nutrition advice, postural assessment and stretching recommendations as part of the service.

All of our training sessions are individual to you.  So if there's something that you would like to discuss with a trainer before purchasing your sessions, please contact us, or book a free consultation.  

Amy - 07540 685 809 | Steph - 07990 777 353 | Mark - 07894 538 826

Personal training sessions can be booked by purchasing a block of 500 credits, this will entitle you to 10 PT sessions.